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Commissioned Wedding Artwork

Commissioned wedding paintings are done fully in studio using both reference photos and an in-depth conversation of your vision as a guide

Ross and Tej

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas


Acrylic paint and wood planks on wooden canvas

Lorraine and Bruno Wedding Party

Acrylic paint with rose-gold and champagne leaf on stretched canvas

Live Wedding Artwork

Live Wedding Painting

Live wedding painting is a beautiful process whereby guests can watch the art take shape from beginning to end! 

The couple requests a specific moment to paint (first kiss, first walk down the aisle as a couple, first dance, exchanging vows, etc.), the artist arrives to paint the background and scenery approximately 1-2 hours prior to that moment, and the couple is painted into the scene for another 2-3 hours.

At the end of the event, the completed painting is revealed! The couple can then choose to take the painting home OR send it home with the artist for additional touchups and add-ins (pets, additional family members, the addition of yellow-gold/silver/champagne/rose-gold leaf, etc) in studio!

Jasmine and Nick (and Charlie the dog!)

Bessie and Jesse

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas

Live Guest Sketching

Live guest sketching is a fun process by which your wedding and event guests can directly interact with the artistic process AND receive a truly unique wedding favor to take home!

Each sketch takes approximately 6 minutes, so when hiring a guest sketch artist by the hour, please keep your guest count in mind to ensure there is enough time to cover any guest who would like one!


I Don't Want to Hear Your "Blah Blah Blah"

Artwork Available For Purchase

Acrylic paint on stretched canvases

Artwork featured here are pieces that are currently available for purchase. If interested, additional details and photos are available upon request. Prints are also available in a size of your choosing. Happy to ship anywhere in the continental US, and happy to discuss shipping options elsewhere!

Acrylic painting of Trump saying "Blah Blah Blah" to woman in hijab who is surrounded by hands

Horizontal Gene Transfer

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas


Mahsa Amini

Acrylic paint and yellow-gold leaf on stretched canvas



Acrylic paint and wood planks on wooden canvas

Sold Artwork

Artwork featured here represents a mix of pieces that were commissioned, made-and-sold, or gifted. Although the originals are no longer available, reach out if you would like to purchase a print or commission a piece inspired by something seen here!

Little Man

Acrylic paint on stretched canvas



Acrylic paint on cardstock

Beautiful Biology

Mixed media on layered paper


Acrylic paint on canvas board


Mixed media on stretched canvas


Oil paint on stretched canvas

Telepathic Hard Candy

Acrylic paint on canvas board

Orchid Slumber

Water-mixable oil paint on stretched canvas

Laboratory Magritte

Acrylic paint on stretched canvases

Wet Lab Magritte

Dry Lab Magritte

Friends From College

Acrylic paint on brown cardstock

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