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Live and Commissioned Wedding and Event Painting

Paint your love story with Love's Palette!
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+About Us

Love's Pallet
Are Storytellers at Heart.

Welcome to the beautiful world of Love’s Palette! I am a professional artist based in Arlington, Virginia (generally supporting the DC-Maryland-Virginia area and surrounding areas nearby) specializing in live wedding painting and commissioned portraits. I am passionate about capturing the special moments of your wedding day and creating a beautiful piece of art that you will cherish for years to come.

Through my brushstrokes, I will bring to life your most cherished memories, capturing first looks with your beloved, the indescribable feeling of your first dance, or the moment you exchanged vows. My paintings will display the unique love and joy that you share, and will be a timeless treasure that you can enjoy for generations to come.

I offer a variety of wedding painting services, including:

  • Live painting of the ceremony and reception

  • Commissioned portraits of the wedding couple

  • Guest portrait sketches

I am also available to paint other special events, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and corporate events.

If you are interested in booking me for your wedding or other special event, please contact me at I would be happy to discuss your needs and answer any questions you have.

Let me paint your love story with Love’s Palette!

Live Wedding Painting

Entertain and captivate with live wedding painting! Provide a truly unique experience for your guests, and go home with a cherished keepsake.

+ Services at a Glance

Commissioned Paintings

Provide our painter with your favorite photograph and guide the style that will be recreated in studio. Commissioned paintings usually take more time and can thus be more complicated or more polished. Commission one after your wedding using your favorite photo of the day, or before the wedding to display at your event!

Guest Sketches

Provide guests with beautiful and one-of-a-kind favors with guest sketches! Live sketches provide simultaneous entertainment, or you can commission sketches ahead of time so they can be distributed as favors at the wedding!


+ Services in More Detail

Live Wedding Paintings

Live wedding paintings are started and complete by the end of the event, usually taking approximately 4 hours. The artist sets up to paint the background for the first two and spends the rest of the time adding in the couple. Additional family members (pets included) can be added. Further polishing in the studio can also be added to ensure you get both the entertainment factor of a live painter with the polished product of a painting made in studio (unless you add studio-touchups).
Paintings are acrylic on stretched canvas, and packages start at $1,500.

Commissioned Paintings

Commissioned paintings are done entirely in studio, and as such, can be made using more time and with a bit more creative freedom. Additional people (and pets) can be added.

Paintings are acrylic paint on stretched canvas, and packages start at $1,500.

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Guest Sketches

Guest sketches can be done live or pre-planned. Sketches are done in full-body style without facial detail, and gestural color is added via watercolors.

Live guest sketching services are purchased by the hour, starting at $550/hr. Sketches can also be purchased prior to an event and handed out complete at the event as favors; please contact Love's Palette to discuss pre-planned sketch packages if desired.

Popular Add-ons

The art of your love should reflect your own story and fulfill your vision! To accommodate this, Love's Palette works to customize your art as much as possible and encourages anyone with a specific vision in mind to discuss customizations with the artist. Listed below are some popular customizations to consider and inspire you!

Add Painting Time

The largest and most valuable add-on, this option is the greatest bang-for-your-buck! Combining the entertainment factor of live painting with the sophisticated polish of a commissioned studio piece, this service allows you to have 4+ hours of live painting followed by 6+ hours of studio touchups! Added onto the live-painting option, although this add-on more than doubles the time spent painting (adding 150%+ in time invested), it only increases the overall cost by 50%!

Can't decide between a live or commissioned painting? Have both!

Add Another Person

Each painting package comes with the main couple in full detail, but with this add-on, detailed guests can be added to the painting! At only $100 per person, this is a great way to make sure someone special is in focus, or to allow a family member who has passed on to be symbolically included in the day.

Add More Painting

Each painting package comes standard with either a 10x20" or 16x20" canvas, but you can up the wow factor with a larger canvas! An 18x24" canvas can be used instead for an additional $250, or a 20x24" canvas can be used for an additional $350. Other sizes can be discussed with the artist on a case-by-case basis.

Add a Message

When requesting painting services, you can ask that a (short) secret message be added to the canvas under the painting. Although it will not be visible in the final piece, this message can serve as the symbolic foundation of your love story. This add-on is entirely free!

Add Furry Friends

Add a pet or creature for $50 more per animal--the easiest way to make sure your full, furry family is part of your day!

Add Some Sparkle

Add some sparkly accents using yellow-gold, rose-gold, champagne, and/or silver metal leaf. Although the amount of leaf used will affect the final price, this service starts at (and usually stays at) $100. Make your painting stand out with some glam!

Add a Venue Portrait

An add-on for guest-sketching services, this one allows you to get a watercolor painting of the venue, itself, for an additional $50!

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